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Crimes Against Humanity

A Crime Against Humanity

I’m definitely not an Early Adapter to the technology. I was and Early Adapter to a lot of things when I was “earlier”, but since becoming “later”, I’m slower to adapt. I also am no longer impressed with the “first” of anything.

In all cases concerning our new and improved technologies, screen time has increased and human contact has decreased. The Screen requires our complete attention. We serve the machine in the name of efficiency and profit, and where is all this newly found profit going? Probably the same place all the newly found time we have from all these new labor saving devices, our imagination.

The profits are going to the very, very, rich. Every day there’s another merger. Every merger leads to another shrinking of the competition. The whole point of Capitalism was that competition would decrease prices, which would give more products to all the citizens, which would increase the wealth of all the people, which would increase the Wealth of the Nation (Adam Smith, “Wealth of Nations).

The Rate of Return on Capital is always greater than the Rate of Return on Labor, R > G (Thomas Piketty’s “Capital In the 21St Century”). We now have this economic system that demands ever-increasing profits, as part of the fiduciary responsible of the people in charge. No mention of human responsibility, civic responsibility, or social responsible.

We have let a system that was meant to regulate the growth of wealth within a society, turn on itself, and serve a minority of plutocrats who are fighting for fascistic control. Capitalism, as it has evolved, is Fascistic, top down, state socialism for the corporate elite. Hitler unapologetically called it National Socialism. We call it Capitalism. I call it a crime against humanity.